Group news

10 August 2016

As far back as farmers can remember, our region has never known such a situation. Yields are at an all-time low and quality is only average but will need to generate value, while very good harvests in other major producing countries are keeping prices down.

1 July 2016

Back on agronomic meetings 2016: days turned toward the members of the cooperative.

27 June 2016

Our manufacturing customers have always been very concerned about the quality and quantity of their supplies. They are increasingly involved in agronomy, agricultural production methods and the environmental footprint that this represents

20 May 2016

Twenty young people benefiting from the program "Young Axéréal" or representing a section of the Young Farmers Union made the trip to Antwerp (Belgium) to discover the malt activity of the Axéréal group.

Web TV
12 May 2016

Over time, we will introduce you to our 350 business roles, through the careers and testimonials of our staff.

10 May 2016

The renovation of the line: a warranty for the next 30 years. "I hope that this initiative remains an exceptional one"

2015 Axéréal Meeting
22 January 2016

Nearly 800 Axéréal guests, cooperative members, partners, employees, customers and suppliers gathered at the Zénith in Orléans on Thursday .