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BOORTMALT is the world leader malting company with 3 million tonnes production capacity. The group is present on 5 continents with 27 malting plants. Boortmalt's expertise is widely acknowledged by brewers and distillers who rely on the supply of top quality barley malt.The Boortmalt Group is a fully owned subsidiary of the agricultural and agribusiness cooperative Axereal. Our relationship with Axereal, Europe's largest grain cooperative, ensures us access to high quality barley year round.

Missions essentielles

As Group Quality Manager reporting into the Chief Operational and Agriculture Officer, you will develop, implement and lead the group quality & food safety management strategy for our global business  and processes to ensure that our products and services always meet our legal obligations and our customer & supplier requirements..

Your main responsibilities:
- Develop Group quality management strategy which is best suited to business needs.
- Manage sometimes complex seed to field to brewery quality issues, enjoy the challenges and identify opportunities. Ensure the strategy is successfully implemented and meets medium-term business needs. Masters of Quality.
- Communicate our quality and Food Safety strategy & ambition internally and externally and by all possible means.
- Responsible to establish a single standardised and harmonised robust and compliant quality management system across all the global regions.
- Provide specialist quality management insights to identify and evaluate current policies/procedures and business processes that are in the scope of the Quality Management System; develop and evaluate future-state QMS propositions. Identify the costs and business benefits of change for the better.
- Support the Internal audit programme, ensuring that it addresses identified risk areas. Monitor the closeout of audit findings to ensure that agreed corrective actions are implemented and that risks are managed effectively. Refer major issues or inadequate responses through the management line.
- Ensure that the business activities across the entire Boortmalt value chain always comply with relevant external regulatory and/or voluntary codes and with internal policies and procedures to minimize business risk and to always protect the industry leading reputation of the organization.
- Promote innovation by developing and validating new procedures for a product or operations segment, incorporating new technologies and meeting changing organizational, customer, and/or regulatory requirements.
- Identify and communicate the actions needed to implement the quality management strategy and business plans; explain the relationship to the broader organization's mission, vision and values; motivate people to commit to these and to doing extraordinary things to achieve local business goals.
- Be a champion of quality across all the full business ... all functions and all teams
- Continuously improve stakeholder engagement by finding out their needs/issues/concerns and reacting to their feedback to support the communication of accuarate business information and decision making.
- Manage and report on the performance of a substantial, diverse team; set appropriate performance objectives for direct reports or project / account team members and hold them accountable for achieving these; take short term corrective action where necessary to ensure the achievement of team / personal objectives. Identify and deliver long term preventive actions. Communicate the learnings and share the best practice. 
- Develop and/or deliver budget plans with guidance from senior colleagues.
- Set and lead execution of the data and analytics reporting plan, creating strategies and templates to report data in a meaningful way. Create, present, and communicate high-impact data and analytics insights and recommendations to critical internal and external stakeholders.
- Lead the review of existing operations and the implementation of innovation processes in quality management to ensure the required continuous improvement outcomes are delivered.

Profil / Compétences requises Master recherché

- You have at least 6 years experience in similar role within a similar industry. 
- You have a good understanding of factory operations.
- You have a track record of successful implementation and management of Food Safety and Quality standards, GMP and food and feed safety regulations. 
- Knowledge of Malting/Brewing processes is a plus.
- You have a Masters degree in Food, Life Science or related fields, or equivalent by experience.
- You speak and write English fluent. Other languages is a plus.