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7 October 2020

As transitions accelerate, both on farms and across the food industry, Axereal is launching a major project to improve performance in its work with both farmers, on one hand, and consumers and citizens, on the other, to boost the long-term effectiveness of its business model.


Opération installation de nichoirs sur les silos Axéréal
1 October 2020

On 24 August, Hommes et Territoires, a non-profit association working to support biodiversity in France’s Centre-Val de Loire region, carried out a project involving two Axereal grain elevators.

15 September 2020

After pioneering a low greenhouse gas (GHG) rapeseed channel, Axereal is now offering its members a similar scheme for sunflowerseed. This new market is part of the cooperative’s strategy to accelerate the agricultural transition.

1 September 2020

On 26 August, fourteen young farmers were awarded certificates in “Cooperative Governance and Strategy” after completing an eighteen-month Paris-Dauphine University course developed in conjunction with Axereal cooperative group. This initiative demonstrates Axereal’s focus on involving the next generation in the future of agriculture and in their cooperative.

10 August 2020

Following the recent explosion in Beirut that has threatened the local population’s capacity to feed itself and risks causing a flour shortage in Lebanon, Axiane Meunerie, an Axereal cooperative subsidiary, is assisting the milling industry and the government in their relief efforts.

Boormalt in Anwerp
16 June 2020

The group has put in place numerous sustainable energy management initiatives, such as running energy awareness campaigns for staff, swapping equipment for less electricity- or gas-thirsty alternatives and generating renewable energy. To coincide with EU Sustainable Energy Week (19-23 June), we take a closer look at the strategies in place at Axereal Elevage and Boortmalt.