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5 June 2019

Xavier Boulat has been appointed Chief Financial Officer as from 3 June 2019.

12 April 2019

This flour ties in with Axereal's ambition to become the stand-out sustainable agricultural cooperative through developing competitive sectors that are fair to both farmer and consumer, and which are kind to the environment.

25 January 2019

The ordinances for France’s EGAlim law are currently being finalised. After months of gruelling negotiations during which Coop de France, our inter-professional body, has made numerous propositions to the ministerial departments concerned, the government has as yet refused to acknowledge the specificities of our business model.

Appointment of Jean-François Loiseau
8 January 2019

The French government has given Jean-François Loiseau responsibility for improving the export performance of the country’s agriculture and agrifood businesses.

20 December 2018

(MINNEAPOLIS, USA and OLIVET, FRANCE) December 20, 2018 – Cargill and Axereal announce their intention to enter into an agreement under which Cargill will sell its malt business to Axereal’s malt subsidiary, Boortmalt. The transaction involves the global malt business, including 15 facilities across four continents, representing more than 500 people.