Animal Feed benefit


Animal Feed

We have an R&D programme to reduce methane emissions.

Livestock breeding is a way of keeping natural spaces open. A meadow that is not grazed or mown gradually reverts to woodland and becomes less beneficial in terms of biodiversity. The hedged farmland of the Bourbonnais is a magnificent example of the type of environment that livestock breeding can encourage.

In addition to the positive impact on the landscape, we are a key player in the livestock breeding sector in central France and contribute to maintaining economic activity in rural areas. 

Not only does livestock breeding benefit the landscape, we also contribute to maintaining economic activity in rural areas.

Animal Feed is a key participant in the circular economy. 


Animal Feed offers an undoubted advantage for the circular economy: the by-products of some other industries become our raw materials. Bran and spent maize are both turned into feed! We are also working on energy efficiency and have been ISO 50001 (Energy Management) certified at some of our plants since November 2015.