Axereal becomes the first originator to launch a low GHG sunflowerseed channel

Tournesol bas GES : Axéréal, premier collecteur à lancer une filière

After pioneering a low greenhouse gas (GHG) rapeseed channel, Axereal is now offering its members a similar scheme for sunflowerseed. This new market is part of the cooperative’s strategy to accelerate the agricultural transition.

Axereal helps members move into high-potential channels

The agro-ecological transition and adapting production systems to meet shifting consumer expectations numbers among Axereal’s strategic priorities. Consequently, the cooperative’s member farmers can now boost the value of their sunflowerseed crop by trading it through the low GHG emission channel, for use in sustainable biodiesel. Retroactive calculations mean this can apply from the 2020 harvest. “Farmers are well aware of the impact of global warming. As well as transforming their working methods to cope with it, they are also and above all part of the solution. We are keen to support them in this, and to help them be identified for the contribution they are making by showing that the carbon issue is a priority on farms,” explains Jean-François Loiseau, Axereal Chairman.

By setting up this channel, Axereal is continuing to work towards its ambitious growth targets for decarbonising agricultural products and adding value to its members’ production. As part of the cooperative’s aim to have a million tonnes of crops marketed through channels by 2022, an increasing share of members’ production can now be recognised for the significant contribution it makes to decreasing GHG emissions. In addition, Axereal is preparing to roll out this carbon strategy to all field crops.

Synchroo and CultivUp support low GHG sunflowerseed production

Axereal, whose members grow an average of 95,000 tonnes of sunflowerseed annually, is now encouraging its CultivUp-certified* farmers to carry out a GHG assessment for this crop using the information entered into the cooperative’s Synchroo traceability tool. Employing best practices in technical itineraries and the way the soil is worked could add an extra €30 per tonne to the value of sunflowerseed. To enable as many farmers as possible to access this channel, the Axereal teams go out into the field to talk about managing nitrogen, working the soil, cover crops, companion plants and organic amendments. “We are launching a vast training programme for our technical sales executives, because the support we provide to farmers is vital. Through our investments, in agronomy and digital tools in particular, we will be able to help as many of them as possible access this new source of value,” explains Paul-Yves L'Anthoën, CEO, Axereal.