Energy efficiency


Interview with Yvan Schaepman

We are reducing the amount of water and energy required for each tonne of malt produced.

Boortmalt is a responsible business, insofar as it has given itself the resources to improve safety and reduce its carbon footprint from year to year. Our policy of gradually incorporating renewable energy sources into our energy portfolio is another indicator of that responsibility. We have also developed an operational excellence programme called BOpex, which aims to eliminate all unnecessary losses associated with the business.

Almost half our investment budget is spent on reducing our carbon footprint.

Research and Development is also helping to develop solutions for more efficient use of water and energy. Looking ahead to the future, we have launched a theoretical study internally, with the aim of assessing the scale of the challenge become the leading international maltster with no CO2 emissions.


It is essential that we continue along the same path to retain our credibility with our malting customers. 

Boortmalt’s customers are already highly committed to sustainability strategies. Some are even aligning their internal CSR programme with the UN’s 17 Global Goals For Sustainable Development agreed by 193 world leaders on 25 September 2015. Our customers are showing real interest in their suppliers’ sustainability strategies, in particular those undertaken by Boortmalt. 

C.E.O Boortmalt Director, an Axéréal subsidiary