Garantie Altéo: innovative farmers’ insurance exclusive to Axéréal

Article publié le 29/02/16 à 10:33 par Sébastien Garnier

This new service offered to our farmers is a customised solution to protect their farms from weather events.

Traditionally, when a climate incident occurs, a claims adjuster is sent to the farm to estimate the damage. Garantie Altéo is insurance cover based exclusively on weather station data. The farmer automatically receives a payout as soon as the observed indicators (temperature or precipitation) reach a predetermined threshold. That means the process and paperwork have been greatly simplified for the farmer!

An intuitive service

Using an Altéo simulator at, farmers themselves choose each parameter of their weather policy, i.e. crop, period, specific weather event and intensity, even the amount of payment. Based on the parameters selected by the farmer, the simulator generates the price per hectare in real time according to the likelihood of the event occurring. This amount is insured by our partner MeteoProtect, experts in index-based insurance, based on 30 years of data collected from the relevant weather stations.

To further simplify the process for the farmer, the climate incidents that affect our region’s major crops are pre-defined by our agronomy department. Farmers, of course, are then free to customise each setting to adapt it to the soil and climate conditions of their farm and budget.

Garantie Altéo is a major innovation and the only service of its kind in French agriculture. Because Axéréal played a key role in developing this service, our partner MeteoProtect has granted us a period of exclusivity throughout our area of operation.