A new Chief Financial Officer

Article publié le 05/06/19 à 16:54 par Anais Renvoize

Xavier Boulat has been appointed Chief Financial Officer as from 3 June 2019.
Xavier started his career at Deloitte before joining Suez where he was successively Chief Financial Officer of United Water Group (North America) and Degremont. In 2014, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer, then Senior Executive Vice-President of the Saur Group.
With a solid international experience, he has led many turnaround activities, refinancing and integration of companies linked to acquisitions.
Xavier holds a Master in Business Economics from Grenoble University (France).
Xavier Boulat, reports to the Chief Executive Officer Paul-Yves L'Anthoën, and is a member of the Group Executive Committee. Its mission will be to define and propose the Group's financial strategy and ensure its operational implementation within the context of the transformation of our businesses.