Axereal and the National Estate of Chambord announce the launch of a craft brewery project

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The cooperative group Axéréal and the National Estate of Chambord announce the launch of a craft brewery project, to promote their territory around beers marketed under the Chambord brand.

With the common desire to bring food products from our regions to life, to relocate production to France and to create activity and jobs in rural areas, the Axereal group and the Domaine national de Chambord are joining forces to produce a range of superior quality beers respecting environmental values, produced from the estate's spring water.

The investment will be carried by Axéréal, while Chambord will supply the water and affix its “Château de Chambord” brand to the beers, allowing the products to appeal to local, national and international consumers.

The partnership forged in November 2022 includes the establishment of a local craft brewery on the territory of the Community of communes of Grand Chambord (Bracieux). Thus, by 2024, the cereal cooperative will open – in the immediate vicinity of the estate – an artisanal brewery with a capacity of 10,000 hectoliters based on its expertise in the barley-malt-beer sector.

"The public establishment of the National Estate of Chambord was created in 2005 within the framework of the law on the development of rural territories. This project represents a significant investment for the territory and will lead to the creation of jobs; it contributes to the national and international influence of the Chambord brand. Axéréal, a local cooperative and also the largest malt producer in the world, will offer a high quality beer, made with Chambord spring water - which has always been known to be very good! "- Jean d'Haussonville, Managing Director of the National Estate of Chambord.

This craft brewery project is the logical extension of our deep attachment to the barley-malt-beer sector, which we have always had within the Axereal group. We are proud to be associated with the National Estate of Chambord, a recognition of our historical presence in the territory” - Bruno Bouvat-Martin, Vice-President of the cooperative group Axéréal.


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