Axereal makes a strategic decision to move into plant protein production.

Axéréal fait le choix stratégique d’entrer dans le métier de la production de protéine végétale.


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Axereal will be working in partnership with Intact, alongside the company’s founders. The project will involve a major industrial investment in the Centre-Val de Loire region.
Scheduled to enter production in 2024, the venture will produce protein from protein crops such as peas initially, looking to move into grain-based protein within a five-year horizon.
“Our aim with this partnership will be to develop profitable, protein-rich plant channels working under regenerative agriculture. We will support our farmers to move towards technical itineraries that use fewer chemical intrants, without compromising on the value of their production,” said Axereal Chairman Jean-François Loiseau.
This project is the next step in sustainable agriculture leader Axereal’s strategy to transform the sector and create value for its farmer members and local areas.

Intact website : HERE