Article publié le 25/01/19 à 11:52 par Anais Renvoize

The ordinances for France’s EGAlim law are currently being finalised. After months of gruelling negotiations during which Coop de France, our inter-professional body, has made numerous propositions to the ministerial departments concerned, the government has as yet refused to acknowledge the specificities of our business model. Last Friday evening, we discovered a new version of the draft ordinances produced by the ministry. It attacks the cooperative status at its very core:

  • by applying the concept of “abusively low prices” to the cooperative-member relationship;
  • by transferring competence to mediate all issues relating to payment for contributions and compensation for early termination from the agricultural cooperation mediator to the agricultural commercial relationships mediator;
  • by giving the Ministry for the Economy control over cooperatives and the right to impose fines (of up to €5m) on them.


We support the stance taken by Coop de France and therefore wish to circulate this information.

> You can read the article (in French) on the Coop de France website