2021 harvest: potential in the field and connections on the ground.

Moisson 2021 Axéréal
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The 2021 harvest is expected a few days behind schedule but should offer satisfactory volumes and good crop quality.

Summer 2021 shows potential

Over the next few weeks, Axereal cooperative’s 12,700 farmer members will harvest 640,000 hectares of crops. All the group’s collection points will be open to receive them. The area harvested will be slightly higher than in 2020. This growth in area is most marked in rapeseed, forage barley, soft wheat and durum wheat, supported by favourable post-harvest weather conditions in 2020 and buoyant markets.

We have high hopes for this 2021 harvest. Despite the frost at the end of the winter and a lack of rain in early spring, indicators generally point to satisfactory grain volumes and a level of quality that will reward farmers for their efforts. Our farmer members and our teams will continue to observe social distancing and barrier measures during the summer, but gradually they will see on the horizon the eagerly-awaited end to the health crisis. In connection with this, it is important for us to stress how proud the farmers in our region are to produce food and in doing so guarantee our country’s food security,” said Jean-François Loiseau, Chairman of Axereal Cooperative Group.

Bringing farmers closer to processors and consumers

Axereal cooperative’s 2021 Agronomy Seminars, which finished a few days ago, operated at full capacity in many regions. Alongside the usual themes (in particular variety testing and precision farming), questions around carbon and combinatorial plant protection solutions garnered significant interest – among farmers, of course, but also among the cooperative’s processor customers who were invited to take part in the visits this year.

The very strong volumes we are expecting for this harvest certainly are the best guarantee of farmer incomes. In addition, the channels structure that we have begun putting in place has of course led many more farmers to start producing to specifications, and will also bring closer dialogue between the producers, the cooperative and our manufacturer customers. Axereal’s 2021 harvest is expected to include more than 750,000 tonnes of grain originated under channels, taking us progressively towards our target of one million tonnes by 2022. Large numbers of farmers are moving over to these channels backed by sustainable agriculture standards, because they open the doors to meaningful markets offering solid added value,” said Paul-Yves L'Anthoën, CEO of Axereal.

The 2021 harvest will continue to move Axereal along the path it has chosen within the agricultural and nutrition transition.