Axereal 2022 summer harvest: satisfactory and variable

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The summer harvest is all but complete across Axereal cooperative’s origination area, nearly two weeks early.


“The 2022 harvest has been very intense and unusually early. We are proud to say that the cooperative’s teams have managed it perfectly. At this stage, the harvest overall falls within a satisfactory mid-range. Quality is generally very high and will meet the standards expected by customers of our French and international subsidiaries. There is however a very significant degree of variability with high yield spreads for numerous crops. A million tonnes of grain have been collected under specifications, demonstrating that our agricultural and food transition is well under way. Once again this year, we have seen numerous weather incidents, prompting us to step up our actions to shift agricultural practices and transform the way we eatsaid Jean-François Loiseau, Axereal Chairman.


Excellent grain quality, variable yields

This year’s grain is excellent from a hygiene point of view and perfectly meets our customers’ technological quality standards. The protein content is satisfactory (with an average of 11.9 for soft wheat, for example), which will be very attractive to the animal feed sector, among others.

Average yields fall within expectations based on the last few years, but vary widely from one farm to another. Averages across the Axereal region are between 40 and 100 quintals per hectare for soft wheat (for milling, starch production, etc.), between 65 and 85 quintals per hectare for barley (for the malt-beer and animal feed channels) and above average at between 50 and 85 quintals per hectare for durum wheat (for the production of semolina and pasta). Rapeseed yields are generally more consistent, at between 30 and 50 quintals per hectare.


Next stop the autumn harvest!

In certain crops, we’re expecting the autumn harvest almost a month earlier than usual. For example, the first sunflowerseed deliveries are forecast for the end of August. This is an unprecedented situation and will see our teams swing into action earlier than planned,” said Vincent Graffin, Origination and Trading Director, Axereal.