Axereal chooses Saipol to trade its first year’s production of low carbon rapeseed

11 June 2020

Axereal, the first French cooperative to supply the sustainable biodiesel market with low greenhouse gas (GHG) rapeseed, has announced that it will be marketing its first seed, from the 2019 harvest, via the Oleomarket platform

Accelerating the development of agro-ecological transition channels

Axereal and Saipol are both committed to securing higher returns on farmers’ production. They have now joined forces thanks to their initiatives to reward farmers for their sustainable rapeseed production practices. In late May 2020, Axereal announced that it had already traded low GHG seed on Oleomarket (via the OleoZE service), thereby becoming France’s leading seed originator by volume for the production of very low GHG biodiesel and the first originating organisation certified for actual greenhouse gas values. “We are proud of the first 30 Axereal farmers to volunteer and qualify, who have been able to access this up-and-coming market. And they are only the tip of the iceberg for this initiative! It is clear to us that, by optimising their practices, a large number of farmers could reach the levels of greenhouse gas reductions required to access this channel. Our teams will support them to achieve this for the 2020 harvest,” said Jérôme Bos, Axereal’s Agricultural Businesses Director.  “Axereal is the first originator to partner with our OleoZE solution to trade its members’ seed. This is proof once again of the agricultural industry’s capacity to develop its practices and make a positive contribution to transport sustainability,” said Christophe Beaunoir, CEO of Saipol (Avril Group).

Average premium of €20 per tonne for the 2019 harvest

The seeds on Oleomarket offer GHG reductions of at least 70% and sometimes significantly more than 100%. This year, the average premium paid to Axereal farmers was around €20 per tonne of rapeseed, according to the market and the level of GHG reductions achieved. “The cooperative’s support has been very important in helping farmers access this new market. In particular, we use digital tools to provide the data collection, traceability and certification required to secure the premium,” said Jérôme Bos. This up-and-coming channel feeds into CultivUp, Axereal’s global sustainable agriculture initiative, and is highly relevant to the carbon strategy on which the cooperative is focused. In Christophe Beaunoir’s view, “Axereal is spearheading the role that originators need to be taking to support and reward sustainable agricultural practices. OleoZE is a tool that can help them achieve this.”