A new range and a new look for Ma p’tite ferme

13 October 2020

All the expertise of professional farming, now available to amateurs

Each year, more and more people keep farm animals as a hobby: poultry, rabbits and even pigs and goats. According to a recent study, the market for farmyard animals kept as pets grew by 4.2% in 2019.* To meet this growing demand, Axereal Elevage, a long-standing name in the French livestock feed market, has developed a high-quality range of balanced feeds to bring hobbyists all the advantages of a professional feed range for their farmyard animals. “Just like livestock and pets, each different species of farmyard animal has specific physiological needs, and these vary over their lifetime. Obviously, optimal nutrition is crucial to ideal growth, and to regular laying for laying hens, but suitable feed is also vital to an animal’s general well-being, because digestion and a balanced diet are prerequisites for perfect health,” explains Nicolas Pradeau, Axereal Elevage’s retail market manager. With this in mind, the Ma p’tite ferme range offers compound feed, grain mixes, grain pellets, etc. The products are made with grain grown close to the Axereal production sites.

More visibility on the shelf, more flexibility for the retailer

Ma p’tite ferme now has a new look, designed to progress sales and make marketing the products easier for retail department managers: more attractive, clearer packaging that will brighten up shelf displays and a varied, tailored range of products for each species.

From the logistics angle, Axereal Elevage offers customers free mix-and-match product deliveries from just 900kg to make store replenishment more efficient and flexible.

From the consumer angle, Ma p’tite ferme offers practical tips and educational content to help owners care for their farmyard animals more responsibly.

Technical information
Products are available for: laying hens, chickens and pullets, ducks and geese, turkeys and guinea fowl, rabbits, pigs, sheep and goats.
Various organic products are available.
Packaging: 10kg, 20kg and 25kg bags.

Oqualim - Axereal Elevage has been an Oqualim member for ten years. It is committed to certification for manufacturing sites and to using company-wide self-assessment to produce sustainable, quality feeds for its customers.
Duralim - Axereal Elevage was one of the first signatories of the Duralim charter championing sustainable feed for livestock. The goals and actions from the charter are fed directly into our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.