Savoir Terre: the first flour with blockchain-secured field-to-bag traceability

« Savoir Terre » : 1ère farine tracée dès le champ et sécurisée par Blockchain.

Savoir Terre flour, produced from grain sustainably grown in France, was launched in retail stores in 2019. It has now become the first flour product to offer consumers complete origin and manufacturing information for each specific pack.

Scan the bag to see the origin of the flour inside, produced via sustainable agriculture

This new system, launched on Candlemas Day, when French people traditionally enjoy pancakes, enables consumers to see exactly which farmer grew the soft wheat used to make their bag of flour, and the location of the farm. They can also find out where the grain was stored, where the wheat was ground and where the flour was packed, and read some delicious recipe suggestions direct from farmers.  The information is very easy to access. All the consumer needs to do is scan the flash code on the bag and enter the best before date to see all the details, secured by blockchain technology.

“Adding this application is a natural step given the Savoir Terre culture and the brand’s commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and building links between consumers and farmers. It is a concrete response to the heightening consumer focus on societal, environmental and economic issues,” said David Hubert, CEO of Axiane, Axereal group’s milling business.

To set up this secure environment, Axiane Meunerie worked with “Connecting Food”, a French company specialising in blockchain for food applications. This same company will also carry out audits of the product supply chain to ensure it meets specifications.

Flour produced via a sustainable agriculture strategy.

Savoir Terre is one of the products supplied under CultivUp, Axereal group’s sustainable agriculture strategy. The strategy focuses on compliance with good agricultural practices. It encompasses environmental, social and economic aspects of farming. To date, 2,500 farmers have committed to the strategy.

“At Axereal, we see our cooperative as a major player in the agro-ecological and food transition. Our cooperative members are consumers first and foremost. They are keen to become more closely involved in the channels we have set up in order to progress their agricultural model, to align it more closely with society’s expectations, and to increase returns on their production,” said Jean-François Loiseau, a farmer and Chairman of Axereal.

Product information

Savoir Terre is an all-purpose household “French type 55” flour, ideal for a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes.