23 March 2021

Axereal began its digital transition several years ago. This transition is leading to a change in practices and a new focus for both internal and external relationships. As a group, we see going digital as an opportunity: it will give us better ways to support our farmer members and customers, and enable us to optimise costs and so boost productivity.

ISC Paris Orléans Campus & Axereal partnership
16 February 2021

Promoting the attractiveness of agriculture and food sector careers to higher education students is an important objective for the agrifood cooperative group Axereal. Consequently, the cooperative is delighted to announce the signature of a long-term partnership with ISC Paris Group Orleans Campus which will enhance the educational opportunities offered locally.

Integrated Report 2019-20
11 December 2020

We have been working alongside farmers to helm bring high-quality food to the market for more than ten years. In 2019-2020, we continued along the path we have chosen towards a new, ever more sustainable agricultural and food industry model.

90 traceable farming specifications channels developed to date by the Axereal cooperative group
2 November 2020

Flour, pasta, malt, rapeseed oil, you name it: the wide diversity of production is reflected in the 90 traceable farming specifications channels developed to date by the Axereal cooperative group. By promoting the adoption of sustainable practices, these channels enable all involved to fully engage in the drive towards the agricultural and food transition, and move into the premium markets which, tomorrow, are set to become the mainstream standard.

7 October 2020

As transitions accelerate, both on farms and across the food industry, Axereal is launching a major project to improve performance in its work with both farmers, on one hand, and consumers and citizens, on the other, to boost the long-term effectiveness of its business model.