Work to transform Axereal begins now

Farming and the food industry are hotter topics in France now than they have ever been before. Between public debates, comments, analyses, lobbying and
high passion, there will always be excess and there will always be waste. The current environment is imposing deep transformation on the agricultural world, or at least suggesting it.

We are emerging from a fifty-year period during which agriculture has been supported, helped, driven forwards, subsidised (sometimes excessively) and in some sectors has flourished. We have to look at reality as it is, and not as we would like it to be.

Added to that is the 2016 harvest, which was catastrophic for all farmers and therefore has had a very negative impact on the cooperative’s agricultural business.
We must act, to avoid finding ourselves on the receiving end.

  • We must act to provide the agricultural industry and our members with profitable, clean solutions that meet the expectations of their customers, of consumers and of citizens.
  • We must act so that our agricultural and food industry companies perform better, innovate, create added financial and human value and generate jobs.
  • We must act to bring around the excessive number of people that take issue with our farming and food industries despite their remarkable qualities.
  • We must act to make farmers feel secure in an uncertain world, as they compete with other countries that are progressing, innovating and investing.

Like other cooperative groups, Axereal has made a commitment to walking a clear and transparent path: to create value for members and customers by developing specialist sectors in France and internationally.


Our agricultural business

Our Board of Directors has approved an ambitious roadmap that will guide our strategy for the coming years, and the arrival of Paul-Yves L'Anthoën as CEO is a part of this. His top priority will be to succeed in this challenge, together with the Executive Committee and all Group staff.

Two pillars underpin this new roadmap: agricultural businesses and cereal processing activities.

Our agricultural business
must be in tune with the
way our farmers and our
customers are changing.

With the Ambition 2022 plan, we are embarking on a project to transform the grain chain.  
This transformation will make us more effective, responsive and agile in our relations with our farmers. Axereal will be a player in the latest agricultural developments and technologies, while maintaining its signature excellence in operational agronomics.

Our sales teams will work to develop even stronger relations with both our farmers and our customers, in France and internationally. We will continue to develop specialist sectors to meet the requirements of growth markets: malting barley, milling wheat, organic produce and speciality crops.

Creating value for members by developing specialist sectors in France and abroad.

Jean-François Loiseau, Chairman

Our processing activities

Boortmalt, the entity on which our malt business is founded, is broadening its horizons to go global by investing in new locations to capture market growth. With our new investment partners (Temasek, Unigrains and Tereos), we will be setting the global quality standards for malt.  By capitalising on our current markets, and diversifying to cover craft and ingredients markets, Boortmalt will give us the potential to draw more value up the chain to the cooperative and its members.

Axereal Livestock Farming is set to continue to successfully develop livestock specialist sectors in France, working with Force Centre in a win-win approach.

We shall be ramping up the development of our processing activities so as to to leverage more added value.

Our milling business is now solidly anchored in the partnership between Dijon Céréales Meunerie and Axiane. We are thoroughly convinced of our ability to lead this market, because we understand the needs of both our artisan and industrial bakery customers.

The development of specialised activities will remain
a solid contributor to value creation at Axereal. Our laboratory and vines businesses have demonstrated this through their good results. Joining the market leader will boost the garden centre business.

Our growth project is founded on the unchallenged know-how of Axereal staff.

Paul-Yves L'Anthoën, CEO


With our ambition and clear strategy, our human resources and the support of our partners, we’re on course to achieve profitability and security for our members.

We understand the scale of the challenges and are confident of our ability to bring this new model into being.


Our choices, our commitments

We are fully aware of our social footprint and committed to a voluntary continuous improvement as a good corporate citizen.

Céline Montauriol, Axereal CSR manager

CultivUp, our sustainable agriculture strategy

To optimise the solutions we offer our clients, in time for the 2018 harvest we are developing a production charter encompassing a vision of sustainability shared by our industrial customers.