Our activities


The Group is organized into two complementary business segments that integrate the entire cereal sector.

The Group's responsiveness, the complementarity of its businesses and its large size are undeniable assets for marketing our products.

With its 13,000 member farmers and 3,200 employees, Axereal is able to meet the needs of its customers in France and abroad.


Agricultural, trade and logistics cluster

The Agricultural, Trade and Logistics Cluster enables us to offer customers an entire set of grain  business skills: seed propagation, farm production, analyses, storage, batching, product trade and marketing, and road, rail, river and maritime logistics. This comprehensive management provides our customers with secure, regular procurement.


Processing and specialised activites

The Processing Cluster and Specialised Activities is the logical outcome of our core business. By controlling the initial processing operation, we can ensure outlets for our products. The maltingmilling and animal feed industrySeeking more value and profits by processing half our members’ production in France and abroad also safeguards agricultural opportunities. In this cluster, Specialised Activities support expansion in France as well as the grain businesses, in large part through our laboratories.