Cooperation Agricole launches new TV advertising campaign

Article publié le 29/02/16 à 10:05 par Sébastien Garnier

Two years after launching its joint national media opinion and below-the-line campaign, La Coopération Agricole is again speaking up on TV, in the press and online.

In their three new commercials, the agricultural cooperatives (450,000 farmers, 165,000 employees, €85 billion in turnover) promote the contribution they make to society through their unique business model, which brings together farmers and cooperative members:

Complete control over the food supply chain from farm to table.

Because the cooperatives belong to all of the cooperative member farmers, who also serve as its suppliers, they are intimately involved in the process and oversee the entire supply chain: origin, traceability, innovation, product variety and sustainable management form the basis of the cooperative food model.

The cooperatives’ regional roots ensure long-term economic activity without threat of relocation:

Collection, processing and selling of agricultural products by the 2,700 cooperative companies (very small companies, SMEs, large groups) provide economic benefits to all French regions, including the most disadvantaged.  74% of cooperative headquarters are located in rural areas.

Retaining local jobs though economic development at home and abroad:

The growth of cooperatives, including internationally, ensures the long-term viability of French agricultural production, farmers’ income, processing plants and all related jobs that sustain several French regions. In 2014, agricultural cooperatives employed more than 165,000 people, a rise of 2.69%.

The power of the new advertising campaign (two periods with 1,000 TV commercials, 130 adverts in the daily regional press and 75 in the local farm press) will get a boost from three major events scheduled for the next half-year period:

16-17 December 2015: “Agricultural Cooperative Convention” in Paris, which brings together 1,000 industry managers

27 February to 6 March 2016: “Paris International Agricultural Show”: a 200 sq.m stand with cooperative-produced farm products

3-12 June 2016: “Agricultural Cooperatives’ Second Week”: 200 events open to the public throughout France.

Download the press kit.

See the three campaign videos: