SAI certification and level 2 environmental value confirmed for CultivUp, Axereal’s Sustainable Agriculture strategy

Reconnaissance SAI et valeur environnementale de niveau 2 confirmées pour CultivUp

During July 2021, we learned that Axereal Cooperative’s SAI Platform Silver certification has been renewed. SAI Platform, which was created by top food industry names, exists to ensure that production is farmed to high sustainability standards, in line with consumers’ expectations. Following audits during the second quarter of 2021, SAI Platform granted its certification for a further three years. This is particularly important to our Boortmalt subsidiary, where the goal is for sustainable barley to make up 95% of its supplies in Europe by 2030.

A commitment to change obviously needs to be backed by demonstrable, measurable actions. Through our CultivUp strategy, which we launched in 2017, we now have 4,000 farmers working together towards a common aim. Last December, this strategy, the first of its kind in our sector, was recognised as meeting the level two standard for Environmental Value (just one step below High Environmental Value certification) by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, for all field crops on farms. So CultivUp is evolving and supporting farmers through the agro-ecological transition to better meet society’s expectations. These guarantees that our practices support the environment are a key reason why our manufacturer and artisan customers trust us,” said Pierre Toussaint, Sustainable Development Director at Axereal.

Did you know? Some changes were made to our CultivUp strategy in March 2021. 

We upgraded it to strengthen the quality objectives and continue to support farmers to achieve even more ambitious targets. Concretely, we updated the standard to match the latest environmental farming practices in terms of soil health and knowledge of biodiversity on farms. In particular, this provides our downstream customers with quantifiable indicators they can use to give consumers the sustainability information they expect.