Axereal Group obtains “HAPPY TRAINEES” certification for its Discover student community

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To mark the launch of its second cohort of “Discover” students, Axereal Group has unveiled the results of the ChooseMyCompany survey run with its student community

- 93.1% of our apprentices recommend Axereal Group 
- 82,7% of our students say that their work has been useful and has had an impact on the success of the team and the projects
- 89.3% of our students say they are proud of Axereal Group's products and services
- 84% of our students feel that Axereal Group takes sufficient account of current environmental issues

“Obtaining this label is a great accolade for the energy and conviction that our staff show in integrating students into the daily activities of Axereal Group and its various subsidiaries. Young people have an essential role to play in the agricultural and food transitions  our Group is working to bring about. The student assignments that we propose annually are both substantial and important for our business. The accent on the collective interest and the genuine focus on environmental issues that characterise our cooperative are reflected in the results of this survey, and that brings us a great deal of satisfaction,” said Sophie Tuja, Human Resources and Communications Director for Axereal Group.

Today, more than ever, it is essential that the lived experiences of our young people are aligned with the engagements of our cooperative. The results of this survey, in terms of the CSR policy, the sense of utility and the pride in working for Axereal, for example, are perfectly consistent with the deep-rooted meaning that drives agriculture and food businesses and the role played by our sector in the transitions underway and yet to come.

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