Axereal, partner of the Rugby Heritage Cup 2023

Axereal x Rugby Heritage Cup
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Axereal is a partner of the first world school rugby tournament, the Rugby Heritage Cup, which will take place from Saturday September 2 to Thursday September 7, 2023 in Pontlevoy (Loir-et-Cher). A most natural association for the cooperative group which shares many values with this team sport. “A cooperative must carry out its actions in a spirit of performance but also of solidarity,” recalls Jean-François Loiseau, Chairman of Axereal. Rugby is, like us, irrigated by this solidarity dimension, but also by many other values such as cohesion or respect. Co-organizer of the event, François Roche-Bayard confirms: “The agricultural world and the world of rugby are very closely linked. Like farmers, players know the importance of being together and how fundamental mutual aid is. They are aware of the work to be done and the difficulties to be encountered in order to progress”.

The sense of the collective is the common denominator between these two universes. Within a rugby team, "we quickly understand that alone, we will not score", summarizes François Roche-Bayard. “The collective is vital, supports Paul-Yves L’Anthoën, CEO of Axereal. Without him, there is no rugby. And the same goes for our cooperative.” In fact, it connects, every day, different links in the same chain (farmers, storage organizations, processors, etc.), in particular through its sectors, allowing them to interact and produce. "Farmers, collaborating employees or elected officials, we must all think as a group to carry our projects over the long term, whether they concern sustainable food, carbon neutrality or even the commitment of young farmers", assures Jean-François Loiseau .

Another priority shared by the Axereal group and the world of rugby: transmission. It is inherent in the world of rugby, whose trainers share sporting techniques and tactics with the younger generations, as well as values (discipline, integrity, solidarity, etc.). “The same desire for our cooperative, which attaches great importance to training, particularly for young people, whether they are farmers, work-study workers, employees, and to the transmission of knowledge between generations. concludes Paul-Yves L'Anthoën. A transmission that Axereal will be able to carry out during the Rugby Heritage Cup: workshops will introduce teenagers to bread making.

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